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Lawmakers took a day off yesterday to greet Sec. Zinke

O le va'aiga i le susuga Nikolao Pula ma le vasega o failauga o le tatou taligamalo ina ua mae'a le ava o feiloa'iga ma fa'apa'iaina ai le nofo a le susuga Le Failautusi o le Initeria i lona suafa Matai "FofogaoSamoa"

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The Legislature took one-day off yesterday as Fono leaders and several lawmakers joined the Executive and Judicial branches in welcoming to the territory the US Secretary of Interior, Ryan Zinke, who made a stopover in the territory before returning to Washington D.C.

Lawmakers are scheduled to resume their regular sessions this morning while the Fono Joint Budget Committee will return early next week to further debate and discuss the budget for fiscal year 2019, which commences Oct. 1, 2018.