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Invite schools to entertain yearly — money would go to a good cause

Leone High School performing during the 2019 Flag Day.Samoana High School performing during the 2019 Flag Day.Tafuna High School performing during the 2019 Flag Day.

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The three local high schools that provided entertainment during the 2019 Flag Day celebration last Wednesday at Veterans Memorial Stadium have each been given $15,000.

The 4th group of performers, Saleaaumua village from Samoa, was presented $20,000 for their part in the one-day event. The group departed the territory the day after Flag Day.

The Leone Lions, Tafuna Warriors, and the Blue Empire definitely gave the audience a show to remember. Teachers and faculty members from each of the three schools spent weeks overseeing practice sessions and getting the performances squared away.

Samoa News understands that the schools are free to use their money any way they want, although each have been told to submit an accounting report to Dept. of Education director Dr. Ruth Matagi-Tofiga.

Following the remarkable 119th Flag Day siva and pese performances, there has been a general consensus in the community that local schools be invited to perform every year, as they could use the money to buy necessities such as surveillance cameras, equipment, and supplies.