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Illegal drugs regularly discovered in American Samoa mail

 American Samoa Drugs Council including Acting Chief of Customs, Keith Gebaur [Photo: RNZ Pacific / Monica Miller]

Law enforcement officials say a lot of the illegal drugs smuggled into American Samoa are coming through the local postal service.

Federal and local officials are meeting in Pago Pago to discuss an increasing drug problem.

Close to 20 federal agents representing the Coast Guard, FBI, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Bureau, Customs and Border Control have been brought together for the first time in the territory.

"Drugs being smuggled in, the post office is the main method of transportation. Almost exclusively it's been express mail so the folks that are doing this are trying to get that package here as quickly as possible," he said.

"In almost all cases that we are dealing with, or anything uncovered at the post office, in almost all cases, it's US nationals or citizens, local residents."

Keith Gebauer said the discovery of methamphetamine and cannabis is on the rise at all points of entry.