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Gov. Lolo will start announcing cabinet appointees on Jan. 3

Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga plans to start announcing his new cabinet director appointees on Jan. 3, 2017 - the same date on which Lolo and Lt. Gov. Lemanu Peleti Mauga, are sworn in for a second four-year term as governor and lieutenant governor of American Samoa, after being reelected in the Nov. 8 general election.

Speaking at his cabinet meeting last Thursday, the governor said that he would start announcing on Jan. 3rd new directors for the new administration for the next four years. He said that once a person is named that individual will take over as acting director until the nominee is confirmed by the Fono — both the Senate and House.

Lolo said it’s good that the directors take a break — from the time their resignation letters were handed in on Dec. 15 — until when the next four year term begins, so that if “you’re re-appointed, you at least got a break to rest.”

He pointed out that everyone needs a break, after the last four years, which have been very difficult and challenging. However, it has been made easy because of cabinet directors who worked hard to achieve the administration’s goal and vision, he said.

In going forward in the next four years, for example for ASG finances, Lolo said not much has changed and “it’s always a problem” and it’s “nothing new.”

During the transition period, Lolo requested all senior officials, who are currently holding the role of “acting director” not to make changes in any department or office until such time as a permanent director is appointed and confirmed by the Fono.

Cabinet directors were also reminded by the governor that Department of Human Resources has already sent out a request for a report from each department and office, outlining names of all employees working in each office or department.

Lolo said this report is very important in order to solidify the workforce operation and it’s also needed to verify the total number of ASG workforce. Lolo wants DHR to have this information and data in place before the end of the year.

Governor Lolo also reminded directors to attend the inauguration ceremony at 12noon and encouraged cabinet members to invite ASG employees to the ceremony. He said it’s not a government holiday, but it’s important for employees to witness first hand these ceremonies marking the start of a new administration.