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Get ready for more hot days
This is the norm" for this time of year

It’s been sizzling for the past week. Some drizzle here and there will cool the temperature for a few minutes and then it’s back to the sweltering heat. The humidity has been unbearable and many local residents have been wondering if it will get cooler anytime soon.

Local meteorologist Hans Malala, in response to Samoa News inquiries yesterday, said that the temperatures for the past week have been between 89 and 90 degrees but “this is the norm” for this time of year.

He explained that the record high for this time period in the territory was set back in 1998, when temperatures reached a simmering 95 degrees. 

According to Malala, there is no significant change expected in the weather pattern, as the territory is in its rainy season and also, this is summer time in American Samoa so it’s going to be hot-hot-hot.