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Four escaped prisoners still at large, yesterday afternoon

Police Commissioner Lei Sonny Thompson [SN file photo]

Four prisoners escaped Sunday night from the Territorial Correctional Facility, and as of late yesterday afternoon, one had been found, while three (3) were still at large, according to Police Commissioner Lei Sonny Thompson.

Le’i did not say how or why the prisoners escaped, and did not identify who they were.

Samoa News received a phone call yesterday, from a ‘friend’ of a prisoner still in TCF — the friend wished to remain anonymous — he said he was told the prisoners escaped due to conditions at TCF. He said allegations are that there is no drinking water, barely any food, no toilet paper, etc.

An unconfirmed report says the prisoners escaped when they were let out of their cells to take showers.

The Command Post directing the search for the prisoners is located at the TCF, Lei said.