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FHS Class of ’88 celebrates 29 years with Vegas retreat

[photo: Herman Faataualofa]
Class of '88 media release

More like a couple's retreat, class of ‘88 celebrated the 29 years since they graduated from Fagaitua High School with endless fun activities for four days in Las Vegas. Classmates from Alaska, Hawaii, Seattle, California and American Samoa traveled far to celebrate the class reunion in Las Vegas. 

FHS class of ‘88 Reunion in Vegas is a tradition, which began in 2008 when we celebrated 20 years, which spearheaded the Fagaitua High School Alumni Association annual scholarship mission now moving to its 10th Year. The 2017 Class Reunion commemorates friendship, strengthening family, and celebrating life amongst everyone especially thanking our spouses for the many years of love and support.  The October 2017 reunion marks the second time FHS Class of 88 came together more like a family of friends. The Viking pride didn't end for us in front of FHS's doorsteps but it continued beyond wherever we live. In Vegas we wore our Class of 88 Viking uniform and walked the popular Vegas strip wearing ie lavalava showcasing our Fagaitua & Samoan pride. With fear from the community of the previous attack in the area it never stopped us from reuniting. We felt that we shall never let evil win our happiness therefore we see the value to spend time and make memories with friends and loved ones.  

‘88 the year that Fagaitua High School broke the curse in football by making history of bringing FHS to be Champions of football and other sports after many years of struggle.  Most importantly at the time academic excellence was top notch for the eastern side as well. Those were proud memories as FHS 88 classmates why they have so much to celebrate in life.

Fagaitua High School will celebrate its 50th Jubilee since its inception in July 1-8th summer of 2018. Class of 88 commemorates its efforts by donating $1,988 - their class year number when Fagaitua High School Alumni Association kicked off its first fundraising efforts last year in August 2016.  It marks a commitment from a strong willed class, which also spearheaded FHSAA's efforts via the first Marquee on island project inception along with the Class of 1979 and others.  The Viking pride still shines from the mountains to the ocean as we journey to live outside of Am. Samoa.

"E lele le toloa ae ma'au ile vai" echos the true pride as a Viking graduate and most importantly as Samoans living outside of Samoa.  Wherever we reside the Viking pride of the class of 88 never dies. Thanks to our classmates who coordinated all of our Vegas fun filled activities throughout the week, our committee headed by Julie Afe Faataualofa & Herman Faataualofa, the California crew Tauvaaga & Vince Tautiaga, Patricia Moana Letoi & Mose Letoi.  

Our next Class of ‘88 Reunion will be held in Seattle Washington, August 2019.  GO VIKINGS!