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EOC UPDATE: For Individual Assistance you don’t have to be in an emergency shelter

A westside resident dealing with the destruction to his home. [THA]

Government assessment teams continue their post-storm damage assessments, but reports surfaced late yesterday that people are going to emergency shelters because they think they need to go to a shelter to qualify for Individual Assistance (IA).

But the public is reminded that the IA teams — which are a part of the EOC assessment teams, are only conducting assessments — and applications are not being taken yet.

In the meantime, BoH issued a notice yesterday morning that its Tafuna branch was temporarily closed due to their inability to connect to the telecommunications network as a result of damages caused by the storm.

If telecommunications utility lines were restored sometime yesterday, then the Tafuna branch will open for regular business hours today, Thursday.

BOH customers still have access to their bank accounts via two working ATMs and online services.

Some customers have reported to Samoa News that deposits made to their accounts Monday were still not posted to their bank accounts as of yesterday morning and BoH’s customer service center in Honolulu informed one customer that due to technical problems caused by the storm the bank wasn’t able to post the deposits right away and technicians were working on resolving these issues.

Samoa News was also told that if ‘fees’ were incurred due to this issue, BoH would reverse all charges when the bank is up and running again in American Samoa.


The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Damage Assessment Teams will continue to conduct assessments in the villages with the help of the village mayors this whole week.

“Your cooperation is encouraged to ensure a more efficient process and in gathering correct information,” said EOC in its 11a.m special bulletin yesterday.

•     Office of Public Information, KVZK-TV, is still not online or in operation due to lack of or NO power to the transmitter at Mt Alava. There are ongoing efforts with partnering government agencies in restoring power to generators.

•     Leone police substation telephone landlines are down, but their electricity is now restored. The public is reminded to exercise safety as you continue damage cleanup. Call 633-1111 to reach all substations or further assistance is needed.

EOC special bulletin issued at 6p.m Tuesday, Feb. 13:

•     Health Department’s Tafuna health center is open on a 24-hour basis and to call 699-6018 for further information. The Leone and Amouli health clinics are open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Call Amouli clinic at 622-7456 and Leone clinic at 688-7822. The Manu’a health clinics in Ofu and Ta’u remain open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. For more information on all clinics, contact 699-6018.

•     The American Samoa Community College advises all students that classes are cancelled this week and will begin next week Tuesday, February 20, 2018.  For further information contact 699-9155.

•     The LBJ TMC informs the public that the Satellite Pharmacy at Tafuna Health Center is closed on Thursday and Friday, February 15 and 16. It will re-open on Tuesday, February 20.

•     There is a total of 965 displaced residents occupying the twelve (12) open shelters consisting of schools and church halls on island.

Report any flooding or landslides to the EOC at 699-3800, or the Police at 633-1111.