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Eastside power outage due to underground fault

[photo: Wade Hatch]

In this photo, the American Samoa Power Authority crew on the evening of Apr. 20, is seen checking electric lines as they work to restore electricity for part of the east side of Tutuila.

ASPA managing director Paul Michael Young said that it was discovered that an “underground fault” in the Onesosopo-Breaker's Point area caused a power outage from Leloaloa to Onenoa from 8p.m, until 4a.m. the next morning.

“Underground cables located in vaults beneath the main road serve electricity to this area,” he explained. “As opposed to overhead circuits that are exposed to wind, trees, vehicle accidents and wildlife outages, underground circuits are protected from these triggers. As a result, outages are much less frequent.”

The last outage of this type on the east side was on August 1, 2016, he said.

“When outages do occur, they typically last much longer because the fault is more difficult to locate and repair,” he said, adding that ASPA apologizes for any inconvenience the outage may have caused residents in the affected areas and thanks them for their patience.

ASPA also thanks its staff for their prompt attention to and diligence in restoring service to feeder one.