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DPW finally drains the swamp in front of Hope House

Before clean up [courtesy photo]

Workers from Public Works were seen Wednesday, July 5, in knee-deep water, cleaning the drainage system that has been clogged for several months, causing stagnant water at this secondary road, fronting the Holy Family Cemetery and Hope House, as well as other nearby homes. The resident who took the photo above witnessed DPW's vacuum truck hauling away water from the area, before the photo was taken.

The next day, Thursday, July 6, the road was finally clear of stagnant water, which becomes a river when it raines. As of yesterday, Sunday, the road was free of the stagnant pond, which has been used by toads since last December as a gathering place.

In this Samoa News photo, taken around 9:30a.m. last Friday, July 7, the DPW crew along with the vacuum truck, working on completing drainage work of the secondary road.

Samoa News reported in its June 30th edition the long standing problem with this road and Hope House board member, Larry Sanitoa — on behalf of Bishop Peter Brown and other residents — reached out to McDonnell Dowell for help.

McDonnell Dowell’s new American Samoa Country Manager Lee Stewart agreed to help, as a community project for the company, as they have done in the past.

Responding to Samoa News inquiries, Sanitoa said he had not received communication from DPW about the crew being sent to work on this road, but he was in the process of sending a thank you letter, on behalf of Bishop Brown and Hope House, to DPW for their work.

Samoa News understands that McDonnell Dowell is still keen on providing this community service to clean and drain water on this road, as well as working on long term solutions.

While the water is now gone, one observer who visited the road told Samoa News, Friday afternoon that the soakage drainage on the road is still full of muddy slush stuff. Nearby residents are hopeful that the road won't flood again when it rains, but are in wait-and-see mode.