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Court orders young man to find another place to live

District Court Judge, Fiti Sunia

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — District Court Judge, Fiti Sunia yesterday ordered a young man to find a place to live, to avoid future problems between him and his father.

Donovan Fruean was arrested Monday night from his home in Leloaloa, after police assistance was sought by his father, who accused his son of making unreasonable noises at their home.

Fruean, who has another matter pending in District Court, made his initial appearance yesterday morning. After reviewing the criminal complaint, the court, along with a recommendation from the government’s attorney, decided that the case against Fruean is a “no file” case.

When Fruean’s case was called, Sunia reminded him that he has a separate pending case which is already scheduled for pretrial conference on Oct. 10th.

“For that case, you were ordered by the court to remain a law abiding citizen and keep the peace at your residence; but it appears that you’re now before the court for the same offense,” Sunia said.

The judge told Fruean that the government has decided not to file charges against him, meaning the new case against him is declared a “no file”.

“ .. but we can easily order you to find another place to live, away from your family,” Sunia told Fruean.

“Do you have another place to live?” Sunia asked Fruean, who said yes.

“Okay, go and find another place to live, and that is another condition for your pending matter. And remember, you must appear in court on Oct. 10th for your next court hearing, because if you fail, you will get a bench warrant from this court, and you will staying at the Tafuna Correctional Facility (TCF) until your matter is resolved,” Sunia concluded.

He then ordered that Fruean be released from custody.

The government claims that it was Fruean’s father who called the police on his son. When cops arrived at the family residence in Leloaloa, they observed that Fruean was calm.

Fruean’s father told police to arrest his son for disturbing the peace inside their home; however, Donovan was telling his father that he did not do anything to disturb the peace.

He even apologized to his dad, saying that he did not disrespect him or do anything wrong.

For safety reasons, police escorted Donovan to the Fagatogo Central Station. He was later booked and confined at the TCF to await his initial appearance yesterday morning.

Fruean was represented by Assistant Public Defender, Anna Wells while prosecuting the case was Assistant Attorney General, Jason Mitchell.