Constitutional Review outreach

ASG Office of Political Status, Constitutional Review and Federal Relations executive director Tapaau Dr. Daniel Aga as part of the office’s 2018 outreach, started with private schools — Pacific Horizons School was on Tuesday.

Issues covered by Tapaau during his meeting with students included the geo-political interests leading to the partition of the Samoan Islands, American Samoa’s unincorporated status, the stereotypes of Samoans in western visual literature, considering empathetic reciprocity, and the journey to understand the conflicts between Western and Samoan values.

“The teachers were very supportive and the student questions reflected critical thinking,” Tapaau said yesterday. He expressed his gratitude to teachers: Terry, Kendra, Chris, and Mr. Shannon.

The next private school on the agenda this week is Manumalo Academy.

Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga has encouraged Tapaau to continue these public awareness programs to reach all sectors of the community, including private schools. There are also plans to hold outreach for villages later this year.

Those interested in hosting a presentation by Dr. Aga and his staff can contact 633-3650, 770-6039 or <> Online:


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