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Concern raised with directors’ stamp-signatures being used by others

Governor’s Chief of Staff, Fiu J. Saelua

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — During Wednesday’s cabinet meeting, the Governor’s Chief of Staff, Fiu J. Saelua noted an issue that has surfaced, which requires the attention of directors— that is: the director’s stamp, which bears his/her signature being used by employees “in your office” for documents that require the director’s signature, although the director is on island.

For example, Fiu said the stamp is being utilized to request 24-hour passes for use of ASG vehicles after hours and even Travel Authorization requests.

Fiu said if the director is on island, don't use the stamp but instead, have them sign off on these documents.

He added that there are incidents when the director is off-island, and the stamp is being used by either the deputy director or acting director.

If the director is off-island, Fiu said the acting director or deputy is to sign the documents — not use the director-stamp.

Cabinet members were reminded of the deadline next week to submit their 2018 accomplishment reports, which are incorporated into the Governor’s Comprehensive Report to the Fono, next January  at which time, the Governor delivers his annual State of the Territory Address, as required by law.

Fiu said a lot of preparations go into putting together the comprehensive report and it requires all cabinet member submissions.