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Brown water sent for testing from American Samoa

American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA) logo
Source: RNZI

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The American Samoa Power Authority is sending samples of brown-colored water being pumped from water wells at Tafuna for testing off island.

The samples are from two high producing water wells which ASPA shut down after they produced dirty water following recent heavy rain.

ASPA's Wallon Young said they want to know why the water from the well was discolored.

He said they want to determine if its from digging in the area or iron in the soil.

It usually takes a few days after heavy rain for the water to clear up but its been several weeks and the water colour has remained the same.

The wells have been shut for nearly three weeks, resulting in low water pressure from Fagaima to Fagatogo.

Young points out that they are pumping water from other well fields to feed the affected areas.


The cost of electricity is expected to drop significantly once ASPA‘s two multi-million dollar solar projects are completed.

Young has told cabinet members that ASPA has signed a contract for 20-megawatts of solar generation for Tutuila.

The acting executive director said the authority was also in the process of awarding another contract, for 42-megawatts of wind generation.

He said these were two significantly large projects will cost up to $US147 million.

Young said the public will benefit from the projects.

“When these two projects are completed, ASPA‘s projection cost or the purchasing cost of power from these investors will be around 11 cents a kilowatt hour. Electricity prices compared to today, will be 30 to 40 percent lower and it will go on for 25 years.”

He said that ASPA currently spends about over $27 million on overseas diesel every year, but when the two new projects are completed, more than 50 percent of the that money will stay in the local economy. (Source: Herdon Gazette)