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Biz Beat: Neil’s ACE Home Center recognizes employees

CEO of Neil’s ACE Home Center, Ngaire Ho Ching with two recipients recognized yesterday morning, in a special ceremony, for their long years of service — Teni Ma’ae worked for 25 years and Nadine Solofa-Taufa’asau for 15 years. [Photo: EM]Neil’s ACE Home Center held a small ceremony yesterday morning to recognize years of service for team members from 5- 25 years.  In this photo are CEO Ngaire Ho Ching (far left) and some of the recipients, who received service awards. Recipients recognized were Frank Ho Ching, Fernando Seti, Pisinisi Fa’alili, Joyce Ta’ala, Linda Brown, Eneliko Auseuga, Ugapaepae Koloi-Ampong, Marichu Cayanan, Nadine Solofa-Taufa’asau and Teni Ma’ae.  [Photo: EM]Some of the Neil’s ACE Home Center employees working hard yesterday morning who still managed to smile for the Samoa News camera.  [Photo: EM]

Twice a year Neil’s ACE Home Center has company meetings and one of those meetings is always designated to recognize its employees’ long years of service; with yesterday’s meeting being a small ceremony held at the ACE warehouse for the whole company to recognize those who have worked with the company 5, 10, 15 and 25 years.

Nadine Taufa’asau, Store Manager told Samoa News, “We try and have company meetings annually, especially our April meeting is the one to recognize years of service.”

According to Taufa’asau, Neil’s ACE Home Center has been serving American Samoa since 1984. Started by the Scratch family, in 2014 the company celebrated its 30th anniversary by holding a grand re-opening and changing their name from ACE American Industries to Neil’s ACE Home Center, in honor of the patriarch of the local Scratch family, Neil.

Today, Neil’s Ace Home Center employs more than 100 employees.

“We really try to bring people here to grow with the company. Some come for a couple of years then move off-island so we encourage them to learn as much as possible. One of the reasons why we have this ceremony, is so other employees can be motivated and know that they can have a career at Neil’s ACE Home Center. Also because they deserve to be recognized for their hard work and efforts.” 

During the ceremony there were 5 team members that were recognized for 5 years, Frank Ho Ching, Fernando Seti, Pisinisi Fa’alili, Joyce Ta’ala, Linda Brown; two team members for 10 years; Eneliko Auseuga and Ugapaepae Koloi-Ampong; 15 years of services; Marichu Cayanan and Nadine Solofa-Taufa’asau;  and lastly, for 25 years of service Teni Ma’ae.

Teni Ma’ae told Samoa News, “This feels so great and to tell you the truth I wasn’t expecting this and I did not know this year was my 25th year with ACE. It has gone really fast and I would ask myself why am I am here this long.

He added, “It’s because I love this job and I like where I am. I like what I’m doing and meeting new people everyday because here at ACE it’s about helping and serving the people.”

Taufa’asau also said that during the ceremony the team shared the importance to work hard, work smart and to have a good work environment. “Most of us are best friends and we create an environment of respect so we can come together, work comfortably and have a good friendship.”

CEO Ngaire Ho Ching in brief remarks to Samoa News said, “We are so blessed to have such an amazing team of over 100 staff here in total. We had our annual service recognition awards to recognize these milestones and it was very special. It’s really a blessing for me personally to see the growth of the staff that have been here with us for so long.”