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Biz Beat: “Krispy Krunchy Chicken” opens

Krispy Chicken opened it doors to customers on Saturday morning — and closed at around 6p.m. — they ran out of product! Yep - that’s how good it is! And when Samoa News visited them on Sunday, at their purported “open” time of 10 a.m. — customers were already streaming in for toana’i.

And what a menu it is. Samoa News just couldn’t help themselves and got most of their ‘side dishes’ — one each — for tastees, and then a ‘box” of chicken — 12 pc for under $20, with side dishes you are looking at a toana’I for around $30. You can mix the meat, dark, white, prepared regular or cajun… or maybe just a mix, all for same price and with the same kruchiness. They have legs, thighs, wings, and ‘tenders’.

As the owner of Krispy Chicken Crystal F. Ve'ave'a said, “You know there is no US chicken franchise on-island” right now. “We wanted to provide a quality US based chicken franchise and fill the void.” And, with the closure of Kentucky Fried Chicken more than 2 years ago — it’s a welcome sight on island.

How did it come about? Krispy Krunchy Chicken — that’s KKC — corporate headquarters are located in the same city, Alexandria, Louisiana, as the owner of the local franchise’s satellite office, Whitehorn Construction Inc. Ve'ave'a said, “We met with the management team of KKC and explained our business plan to bring a franchise to American Samoa.” And here they are!

They are currently scheduling a grand opening for November 12th, when senior management from KKC will fly in for it.

Ve'ave'a said, “We have the franchise rights for American Samoa, Samoa and potentially Hawai’i. We are hoping the franchise is a local success and we have plans for Western and Eastern District expansion as needed. There is a strong possibility that we will add a Food Truck to bring KKC products to local events throughout the island.  We have also met with representatives in Samoa and are anxious to get the paperwork in order for those locations.”

They are open 7 days a week, and currently have modified opening hours: Monday- Saturday from 11a.m. to 2pm and Sundays 10:30am - 1:30pm — until Grand Opening Day — Nov. 12, 2016.

So what do they have to offer: Not just krispy krunchy chicken! Ve'ave'a said, “We will also have chicken tenders, 3 types of buffalo wings, shrimp, and Boudin bites. There are also the side dishes of Jambalaya, White rice and beans, Mash potatoes & gravy, Mac & Cheese and the almighty krunchy fries.

Look out for their breakfast menu it will be introduced at a later time.

They don’t deliver, but turn around time is good — just drop in at their only location right now in Nu’uuli — on the main road.  They have leased and remodeled the building formerly known as Montana’s Flower shop with parking in the front and rear of the building.

Good “Kruchies” everyone!

Samoa News welcomes KKC to the territory and wishes them success in their endeavor.