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Aunuu Island sets up rules for tourists and visitors

Nani Newton at the Aunu'u Island sign.

Aunuu, AMERICAN SAMOA — Tourists and visitors are banned from visiting Aunuu on Sundays.

This is one of several rules that was recently passed by the Aunuu Council of Chiefs.

According to a matai who spoke to Samoa News, no swimming is allowed on Sundays as well. The only exceptions are for those who are recovering from getting a tattoo or individuals who need sea water as part of a traditional healing (fofo) regimen.

Other rules that have been passed — and televised — include the prohibition of alcohol consumption and smoking on board vessels that transport people to and from the island. Drinking is not allowed at the Aunuu wharf.

On the faalavelave side, Aunuu island will no longer use small fine mates (lalaga), only large ones, and the use of pesticides or other chemicals on plantations iN the swamp area (taufusi) is strictly prohibited.

Any and all violators will be subject to whatever punishment is handed down by the Aunuu Island council of chiefs.