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Assault, drugs, abuse among top police actions revealed in DPS performance report

Dept. of Public Safety building
DPS 2nd quarter performance report shows 1,020 police calls

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Of the total 1,020 calls that the Department of Public Safety responded to during the second quarter of 2019 — for the period covering Jan 1- Mar. 31 — 700 of them were for criminal matters, according to the DPS 2nd second performance report for FY 2019, submitted to the Governor as well as the Fono.

Police also responded to 285 traffic accidents (95 for driving under the influence of alcohol, 30 for underage drinking); 10 fire prevention; 59 calls requiring police assistance, 55 land dispute matters, and 80 dead on arrivals (DOA) at LBJ Hospital.

Additionally, 12 juvenile runaway cases were reported during the period in question, according to the DPS report.

The top criminal cases served by officers include 110 for assault, 105 for public peace disturbance, 290 for stealing, and 70 for property damage.

Police also responded to 2 robbery cases, 66 sexual abuse cases, 55 cases involving firearms, 55 cases for domestic violence, and 86 cases for illegal substances. There were no homicides.

According to the report, Tafuna Substation responded to the highest number of calls at 80%, followed by Central Station in Fagatogo at 65%, Leone Substation responded to 50 of the total calls, and Fagaitua substation responded to 35%.

It also says that Manu’a substations (Tau and Ofu police stations) reported 55 criminal cases and 20 calls for assistance. Furthermore, Traffic Division responded to 90% of the calls and CID responded to 35%.

According to the report, CID had 65 pending cases and was assigned 65 new cases, had closed other cases, prosecuted 70, and deferred 90.

The report says the Fire Bureau responded to 66 fire prevention calls, and responded to 59 other calls.

For the Territorial Correctional Facility, it maintained an average population of 200 per month, transported 170 inmates to court, and 25 inmates for hospital appointments and treatments.