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ASPA update: 74% have power, 99% have water

Govt advises stay in you home if it is livable

The American Samoa Power Authority is offering free meter sockets to all its customers while the government has advised residents to remain in their homes if their houses are livable following last Friday’s Tropical Storm Gita, to allow space at emergency shelters for those who have lost their homes.


Emergency Operation Center (EOC) post-storm bulletin said ASPA would provide meter sockets for free to all ASPA customers.  For more information please contact 699-9155 or 770-1600.

The socket connects the meter to the house and it’s usually outside.

As of 6p.m Feb. 14, ASPA said all Feeders (Primary lines) are energized except for areas where power poles and lines are down. According to the authority, total of 8,900 out of 12,000 (74%) customers have power now while 9,500 out of 9,600 (99%) customers have water now.

“All areas need to boil their water for consumption until further notice,” said ASPA. And continue to report all waterline breaks, theft, and water tampering to 699-1234.


In it’s 6p.m. Feb. 14 post-storm bulletin, the Emergency Operation Center advised residents “to remain in your homes if the houses are livable to allow room/space for individuals whose homes have suffered major damages and are unsafe to be occupied.”

“More importantly, staying at the shelter while your house is in a livable condition will not increase your eligibility for further assistance,” EOC said.

As Samoa News reported yesterday some people have gone to the emergency shelters so that they could get federal Individual Assistance (IA). And yesterday there were more public inquiries to Samoa News from residents, who claim to have damage to their homes, wanting to know where they can apply for US Federal Emergency Management Agency help.

When told that ASG and FEMA will make a joint official public announcement when the time comes, some residents, refused to accept such explanation, saying that they’re calling EOC or the Governor’s Office for the “correct answer” — followed by some very colorful Samoan words.

EOC explained in the post-storm bulletin that the FEMA office to file claims for damages to homes is NOT open at this time. “Everyone will be notified if this service becomes available.  FEMA is also not hiring right now. Updated information will be provided through the radio and newspapers if employment is needed,“ the release says.

FEMA does not provide the same services as that of the America Red Cross American Samoa (ARCAS). Call 699-6011 for more information on types of assistance offered by ARCAS.

EOC Damage Assessment Teams are continuing their assessments in the villages with the help of village mayors; and the public is asked for their patience as the teams are on foot and visiting individual homes on a one-by-one basis. If your home was missed, contact your village mayor or call the Office of Samoan Affairs at 633-5201 or EOC at 699-3800.


•        All public schools are set to reopen next week Tuesday — since Monday is President’s Day — a local and federal holiday. As of Wednesday afternoon, the Education Department reported 93% water and 69% power restoration in all schools. 

There is ongoing cleanup and debris removal in all schools buildings that were damaged by the storm.

•        American Samoa Community College classes were called off yesterday and today and will resume next Tuesday.

•        Satellite Pharmacy at Tafuna Health Center is closed today and will reopen next week Tuesday.

• The Territorial Administration On Aging (TAOA) advises the public that the TAOA Senior Citizen Congregated Meal Program is in operation and following centers are open for service: EASTERN District: Atu’u, Pago, Aunu’u and Fagaitua.  The Amouli Center is not ready for service so meals for both Amouli and Fagaitua centers are served at the Fagaitua CCCAS Hall.  For the WESTERN DISTRICT:  Wednesday and Friday – The following centers are open; Matu’u (CCCAS Hall), Nu’uuli (Methodist Hall), Talalelei, Pavaia’i (CCCAS Hall), Leone (Catholic Hall), and Iliili.  The Nua Seetaga (CCCAS HALL) is not ready for service so meals will be served for both Nua Seetaga at the Leone Center until further notice.  The two centers in Manu’a remain open.

• The shelter that was at the Tafuna Elementary School is now closed.

• The LBJ hospital  informs the public that the Computerised Tomography (CT) scan services are currently unavailable until further notice.

Please report all water and power outages to ASPA at 699-1234 or 770-1600.