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ASPA Apprenticeship Program: All-expense paid schooling in NZ or Fiji

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Technically minded individuals who want a challenging and profitable career are encouraged to consider the Apprenticeship Program, being offered by the American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA).

The deadline to submit applications is 2 p.m., next Monday, December 31, 2018.

According to the semi-autonomous agency, the Apprenticeship Program is an excellent opportunity worth looking into.

Currently, ASPA is looking for its next generation of technicians and engineers. "Over the next few years, ASPA will be developing young technicians and engineers for key positions within the organization. It needs skilled specialists in a number of fields."

ASPA will provide employment and professional training for successful applicants.  Apprentices will receive training both on-the-job and in formal apprenticeship classes, and qualified apprentices will receive an all-expense paid education at a technical school or university in New Zealand or Fiji.

The final decision will be at the sole discretion of ASPA. 

Applicants must be willing to commit to spending 2–3 years off-island in pursuit of a diploma or degree. 

The focus for this Apprentice Program, according to ASPA, will be in mechanical, electrical, and survey disciplines (to be determined by ASPA).

Selected apprentices will be employed by ASPA in early January with preparation for the academic session starting in February 2019.

 (Qualifications for each applicant are noted in the paid advertisement in Samoa News).

Applicants must be a US national or US citizen, and are required to complete ASPA's internal testing for science and math ability.

Trainees will be paid at the apprentice pay rate.

ASPA employment application forms are available at ASPA's Human Resources Office in Tafuna or on ASPA’s website at <>

All application information, including school records and references, will be subject to verification, as part of the screening process.


The public is advised that ASPA is closed today and tomorrow (Dec. 24-25) and next Tuesday and Wednesday (Jan. 1-2).

Samoa News will not be printing tomorrow and Wednesday (Dec. 25-26) and next Tuesday and Wednesday (Jan. 1-2)

Happy holidays American Samoa.