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ASHPO Calendars — They’re Free

As has been the norm in past years, the American Samoa Historic Preservation Office (ASHPO) is distributing free calendars. All you have to do is stop by their Nuuuli office and pick up your copy.

According to Historic Preservation Officer, David Herdrich, of the total of 3,000 calendars printed, "there aren't too many left," he said in a telephone interview this week.

This is the time of year people generally flock to the ASHPO headquarters in Nuuuli to pick up free calendars — one for their home, one for the office, and a few to send off island.

Herdrich said although they try to limit the calendars to 2 per person, more is given out to people who come in with the names of off island family members and friends who want copies.

Every year, there is a different theme. Historic photos from the past century - the naval administration era, village life, historic sites - grace the pages of the calendar that are sought after by people of all ages.

The black-and-white untouched photos have a way of taking people back, giving them a glimpse of island life during the time of our ancestors.

This year, Herdrich said they were fortunate enough to receive a donation of two photo albums from the family of a palagi dentist who lived and worked in the territory during the naval administration period (1938-1940).

The photos featured in the 2018 calendar were selected from the aforementioned albums.

The calendars are funded each year by a grant from the Historic Preservation Fund, administered by the National Park Service.

Every year, 3,000 copies are printed; and every year, they always run out.

Get your free 2018 calendar today by visiting the ASHPO main office in Nuuuli, above the Daily Store.

[photo: BC]