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Ammonia leak leads to temporary port shutdown

A black police unit inside the Pago Pago Harbor, that responded along with the fire truck and AS-EPA to an ammonia leak just after 10a.m yesterday prompting the temporary shutdown of entry into the main dock. [photo: FS]

Port Administration employees, along with workers from other ASG agencies and the private sector who work on the main dock, were evacuated to the other side of the street.
The incident caused traffic to backup in the town area and the port was re-opened less than 30 minutes later.

During the port shutdown, Port Administration director Taimalelagi Dr. Claire Poumele told Samoa News those first responders, including police, were working on identifying the source of the ammonia leak.

Responding to Samoa News inquiries, about an hour after the port re-opened, Taimalelagi said the ammonia leak was on the Captain Vincent Gann purse seiner fishing boat — which was docked at the port.

“All that has been confirmed is that it was in their Engine Room. The Harbor Master has informed them to move to another assigned area,” she explained. “Our Port Security is conducting an inspection and will provide a full report soon.”