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Amata thanks Speaker Paul Ryan for public service

House Speaker Paul Ryan and Congresswoman Amata. [courtesy photo]
Source: Office of the Congresswoman

Washington, D.C. — Congresswoman Aumua Amata thanked Speaker Paul Ryan for his remarkable career in Congress, his track record of public service, and his willingness to listen to the needs of American Samoa. She released the following statement on Wednesday:

“Speaker Ryan has been a friend to American Samoa, and never failed to make time to hear our priorities. In fact, as soon Storm Gita allowed the call through, he made the effort to call me here on the island, and has been unfailingly responsive to our concerns.

“He was called upon by his colleagues to lead, and took on an enormous patriotic responsibility. He has conducted himself with integrity, compassion, policy expertise and vision. As a very young man, Speaker Ryan famously learned as a speechwriter for one of Congress’s former historic Members, Rep. Jack Kemp, and then went on to serve his own District with distinction for nearly two decades, including effective service as Chairman of the Budget Committee.

“Speaker Ryan’s remarkable career made a positive difference in this great institution, and he never forgot that he was serving the people and the Constitution. Whether in private or public life, he has a great future and has already secured a place in our nation’s history.”