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Amata meets with C of C to encourage investment in American Samoa

In addition to her meeting with the American Chamber of Commerce in Auckland, Aumua also spoke to the leaders of the high-powered women's organization Pacifica, whose President is Tofilau Bernadette Pereira, the sister of Iulogologo J. Pereira, Executive Assistant to Governor Lolo. [courtesy photo]

Washington, D.C. – Last week, Congresswoman Aumua Amata met with the American Chamber of Commerce group of Auckland, New Zealand, many of whom have extensive business endeavors throughout the Pacific, to encourage investment in American Samoa and to explore any possible ways to strengthen the Cyclone Gita recovery effort.

“I was pleased to speak with the Chamber as a group and discuss American Samoa, and the possibility of opportunities here, as well as talk to many of them individually,” said Aumua Amata. “Companies that already have U.S. ties and already operate in New Zealand and elsewhere in the Pacific are the best natural potential partners to set up shop in American Samoa. I encouraged them to strongly consider American Samoa in their business plans and future expansions.”

Congresswoman Amata was part of a Congressional delegation from the House Committee on Natural Resources to New Zealand, following two stops in Australia. Among the companies represented at the Chamber of Commerce meeting was AECOM, a U.S. multinational engineering firm that has worked in American Samoa.

“In Auckland, I was the keynote speaker for Pacifica, an influential group of Pacific Islander women that are working together on behalf of Pacific Islander women, and making a difference in New Zealand,” continued Congresswoman Amata. “Among them, I was honored to meet Josephine Bartley, the first Samoan woman to serve on the Auckland City Council.”

“I was greeted warmly by the Samoan communities in each city, and had opportunities to spend time with them, including joining a large group for a church service,” Amata concluded. “They expressed their concerns for the people of American Samoa following Cyclone Gita, and wanted me to let all of you know that you are in their thoughts and prayers as our islands work to recover.”