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Amata commends local firefighters for their bravery and service

"Samoan Siva Tau" performed by the 17 National Park Service Fire Fighters including Congresswoman Aumua Amata and Suprintendent Scott Burch
Source: Office of the Congresswoman

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Congresswoman Aumua Amata sponsored a gathering Monday as a sendoff for the volunteer firefighters of the American Samoa Fire Crew, leaving July 17, to help fight fires in California.  This marks the 18th time American Samoa has provided much needed firefighters to help fight California fires.  There have never been any serious injuries.

“I am thankful for these brave young men representing American Samoa where they are most needed during the California fire season.  This is one more way American Samoa shows support for and dedication to the United States.  They will be gone for one month.  I want all of these men to be recognized for their bravery and dedication, so I am including all their names below.”

Ah Kee Jonathan Ah See, Alfred Tommy Sagaga, Andry Christopher Senefili, Anthony RT Wyberski (Group Leader), Atumata Mino Fialua (Program Coordinator), Elama Faatonu, Emmittwally Logoitinomatagilelei Su’a Kalio, Ethan Mauga, Faamasino Junior Livi, Faatonu Seafa, Fo’imai I. To, Isaia Reith Rea, Lafaele L A Suafo’a Jr, Leitufia Brian Ili, Pouono Lomiga, Rietschel Jubilee Atualevao, Ronald Ameperosa, Sanelivi Iopu (Group Leader), Scott Burch (Superintendent)

Amata presented each firefighter with a certificate stating: “Certificate of Special Recognition for your invaluable service and commitment to our Nation.  Thank you for your service, Your work is a blessing to Americans everywhere.” 

In April of this year, representatives of the Hawaii Volcano National Park, headed by Greg Funderburk provided training for our local firefighters.  Those listed above completed the training successfully were certified as firefighters and received the Red Card as acknowledgement of their training.

“I just want to wish all these brave men success in what they are setting out to do and a safe return,” concluded Amata.