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60% now have power, 90% have water

O nisi fo'i o le aufaigaluega a le Koluse Mumu, o e na ofo mai le tautua, ua latou fa'amaumauina uma mea ua fa'aleagaina a aiga na vala'au mai mo se fesoasoani, ae maise ua latou fa'amaumauina fo'i mea na foa'i atu, mo lea lava taimi. [ata: Leua Aiono Frost]
ASPA continues making progress
Source: ASPA media release

Gita Restoration Update: 12 February 2018, 6pm


- All Feeders (Primary lines) are energized 100%

- Total of 7,200 out of 12,000 (60%) customers have power now

- Aunuu has power to all customers

- Manua has power to all customers

Facilities on Generators:

- Masefau Water Wells

- Coconut Pt. 1 WW Lift Station

- Fogagogo WW Plant

- Amanave Water Booster Station

***Caution: Treat all telephone and power lines as live at all times.***


- Total of 8,640 out of 9,600 (90%) customers have water now.

- Amanave Booster is on generator. Now pressurizing water system to reach Poloa tank.

 - Pago Wells are all online now. Water is on from Pago Pago to Alofau Village. Water crew pressurizing system to reach required pressure at Alofau booster to get water to Amouli Tank which supply’s water to the Amouli all the way to Onenoa. - Generator installed at Masefau to power water wells to fill lower
tank in order to supply water to the upper tank. - Water crew focusing efforts on fixing water breaks causing delay on getting water to Tafeta & Aoloau customers. They are currently fixing a break on the 8 inch waterline that serves this area. This will also affect water service to the Faleniu, Pavaiai, and Canco Hill areas.

 - Water crew working on installing generator at Aoa Wells. Water should be available to Aoa customers tonight.

 - Fagasa has water to all customers now (on power grid)

 - Afono has water to all customers now (on power grid)

- Aunuu has water to all customers

- Manua has water to all customers

***Caution: All areas need to boil their water for consumption until further notice.***

 ***Please continue to report all waterline breaks, theft, and water tempering to 699-1234***


- Lift Stations still without power (using generator & honey wagon): Coconut Pt. 1, 2, 3 Lift Stations, Andy Lift Station, Freddie’s Beach Lift Station

- Fogagogo WW Plant on Generator until power grid is restored (more power line work needed than originally anticipated)

- Utulei WW Plant and all lift stations in that system are on the power grid now


 - Futiga Landfill is Open; a designated area for all green waste has been secured.

 - Futiga Scrap Metal Yard is also Open for the public to dispose scrap metal wastes only.

 - Municipal Solid Waste Collectors (contractors) are continuing with their collections (for bins and containers), as per route schedule.