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11-year old fulfills her dream

[courtesy photos]
… one drawing at a time

The young girl from Fagatogo is an aspiring artist and this drawing is her winning entry, which has been selected as George E. Harris Elementary School's 2016-2017 yearbook cover.

Aegeann is the granddaughter of Makiati and Lusia Silafau, and Larry Sanitoa.

She was deaf at birth.

Aegeann is a former American Samoa Special Education student at Matafao Elementary.

Her family members would like to recognize the hard work of her influential teachers: Mu Apelu, Michelle, Meanoa, and Dana, and also Tafa Tupuola of the University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD).

"We want to thank those Special Education teachers and Tafa Tupuola whom are rarely appreciated," said a family member.

Aegeann just completed fifth grade at George E. Harris Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada, and she will be enrolling in junior high school in the fall.

This past school year, Aegeann was presented the "Student of the Month" award six times.

Her education journey started in American Samoa with the "Helping Hands" program and she later transitioned to Matafao Elementary School.

According to family members, in addition to her Special Education teachers, it was Tafa Tupuola and the UCEDD who helped Aegann during her early years, when the group would host get togethers for local deaf school kids year round.

Aegeann moved off island in 2012.

Malo lava Aegeann. Keep up the good work!