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 [photo: BC]

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Throughout this week, in honor of Developmental Disability Awareness 2018, schools across the territory have numerous activities planned for their respective Special Education (SPED) students.

At the Home of the Sharks, SPED program administrators and teachers — working under the theme: "See Me For Me" — have a busy agenda that includes swimming lessons at the Pala Lagoon Swimming Center in Tafuna, and cooking lessons.

On Monday, SPED students at Samoana HS received a crash course on the importance of vitamins and minerals, why it is best to eat healthy, and how to prepare easy — but nutritious — meals at home, thanks to a presentation by representatives from the ASCC Land Grant Program (pictured).

SPED instructors told Samoa News that one of their ultimate goals is to have these 'special' young people learn how to become 'independent', meaning they are taught to master basic life skills including simple tasks like catching the bus, how to wash dishes, taking out the trash, folding the laundry, and preparing easy meals using fruits and vegetables.

These will help them become less dependent on family and friends, and will give them a boost in self-esteem, especially when the successful completion of their tasks are recognized and applauded.

Developmental Disability Awareness 2018 kicked off this past Sunday with a special church service at the CCCAS Matu'u/Faganeanea church.