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Local cancer coalition and ACE fundraise for ‘Angels'

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in American Samoa, a time to give and a time to hope.  The 3rd Annual Holiday Fundraising Project for Ace American Industry began on November 19, 2011.

"Once again, we are very fortunate to partner with ACE American Industries Inc.," said American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition (ASCCC) Board Chair, Jennifer Tofaeono.  Read story in this issue.

Every year ASCCC commits to providing financial stipends to those in the community who are diagnosed with cancer.  "We recognize that healthcare in our community is complicated," states Jennifer Tofaeono, "Getting the monies to provide assistance to those with a life threatening disease, such as cancer, helps to alleviate some of the anxiety when one deals with being told he or she has cancer."  The Cancer Coalition appreciates organizations such as ACE American Industries who are committed to helping us fight cancer in American Samoa.

Last year ACE collected generous donations from their shoppers, a total of $3,378.41, and they matched that amount for a total donation to the Cancer Coalition of $6756.82. During this year's fundraising event you will see Angels on the walls above the Customer Service Department and at the Checkout Areas representing the generous donors. "We recognize that times are tough, but we hope that the community can donate something when they shop at ACE," said ASCCC Board Vice Chair, Rochelle Reid, "and last year it was nice to see that those who received stipends gave back through their donations at ACE." 

The American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition has been providing financial stipends to people diagnosed with Cancer since 2006.  "For every $500 donated a stipend is made available to an American Samoan cancer patient on a first come first served basis provided all first-time applicants are served first." states Jennifer, "ASCCC has provided over 60 financial stipends during the past 5 years. Last year's donations allowed us to provide 13 stipends, but unfortunately we had more requests for assistance than we could support." 

With the shrinking economy fundraising can be difficult as people and businesses have less money to contribute. The Cancer Coalition is focusing its efforts on collecting from a greater number of donors with smaller donation amounts.  If you can "Give 10, Tell 10", urging people to donate to the ACE Community Fundraising Event, and then telling 10 of their friends to do the same.  "These financial stipends not only benefit the patient, but the whole family," stated 2011 financial stipend recipient, Micah Tusaga. Cancer, like any life threatening illness, is emotionally and physically tiring for the patient and all his or her loved ones. 

You can make a difference in someone's life this Christmas.  Please donate a $1 and ACE will match it with another $1.  Tell 10 friends to donate a $1 each and ACE will match that $10 for a total of $20.  Every $1 helps.  Visit ACE today to donate!

(Source: Cancer Coalition)