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Local businessman who was robbed appeals to culprits

A business man whose store was burglarized earlier this week is asking the culprits who committed the crime to come forth and make things right before the law steps in. Manu’a Chen, who owns two stores, said his Nu’uuli store was burglarized Monday evening.

Chen spoke to Samoa News on Wednesday evening saying that he wants the young men to come forward and talk to him about the incident. The owner said the incident occurred Saturday evening, however he only found out about it on Monday.

“The two boys gained entrance through a small window on the west side of the store and took off with 24 USB speakers, 15 wrist watches, and cash of $962.53 that was in the cash register. Chen said the total value of the items taken was close to $4,000.

 He also said that everything that took place in the store on the night in question was caught on camera. He said the boys were in the store for about 20 minutes, they were fast and they knew what they were doing from the time they entered the store.

Chen said “the culprits broke in around 11:00 p.m., they went to all three cash registers that were in the store.” He said that two cash registers were empty, while one contained the cash, which they removed.

“The two boys had T-shirts wrapped on their head like ninjas... and one guy knew what he was doing — he kept his head low and stayed away from the cameras... it’s like he knew where to open the cash registers,” said Chen.

The businessman said he believes that he and his wife can help the two boys who allegedly broke into their store. “I can help them make things right, it’s pointless for them to be sitting in jail because I’m certain they’ll learn nothing. Once they come out, they’ll do the same thing over again.

“If the culprits come see me and my wife and want to make things right, we are willing to make things work with them. Maybe the pair can come and work for us to compensate the items that were removed from the store if they can’t come up with cash to repay us”.

Chen said the boys have to come forward before the police arrest them, because he can’t do anything once they are being prosecuted.

The businessman said he had already filed a complaint with police and his 40 employees have distributed photos of the two boys caught on camera to nearby residents.  One of the suspects has already been identified, said Chen.

Calls to Assistant Commissioner Leiseua Laumoli for comment on the status of the investigation were unsuccessful as of press time.

The photos of the culprits are posted on the front door of the Manu’a store in Nu’uuli with a $100 Reward Notice.