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Local artist shows latest work

Tawsh Lavata'i (left), daughter of Trish and Mal Lavata'i held her first art show —"Mixing Colors"— this past weekend in Malaeimi.  A graduate of Washington State University, Tawsh divides her time between Branson, Missouri, where her brothers entertain, and her home in American Samoa.


According to her mom, she's been an artist all her life and as soon as she was able to hold a pencil, she was drawing. Seen here with her work, entitled "Whirlpool", she stands with the proud new owner of the oil on canvas, Cameron Jung-Fagen, who was happy to purchase the beautiful piece to take home with her to California.


More of Tawsh's work can be seen at, or you can visit her facebook page


Paintings on the wall behind them are some of her latest creations, and nearly every piece was sold within hours of the show opening.