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Little League action highly competitive with 11 teams participating


By Jeff Hayner

Samoa News Reporter

The Little League Baseball Summer Program, which began last month with a total of 11 teams, has been seeing stiff competition at the Tony Solaita Baseball Field since the first pitch was thrown out.

The league consists of 4 Coach Pitch Division Teams (4-6 year olds), 3 Minor Division Teams (7-10 year olds) and 4 Major League Division Teams (11-16 year olds) from around the island.

Organizers this year are Vice-Principal of Fa’asao Marist High School Senuefa Muliagatele, assisted by Athletics Coordinator of the American Samoa Department of Education/Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability Clayton ‘Boom’ Mahuka.

“Organizers were impressed with the large participation this year and especially with the inclusion of the Major ‘East Side’ Team,” said Coach Mahuka.

“It’s great to see the program grow and especially the interest and participation of the community and how it is growing with teams and players coming in from around the island,” he said.

Here is the list of teams and their records:

Coach Pitch Division:

Team            Win             Loss            Tie

Avengers            2            1            0

Giants            2            1            0

All-Stars            0            3            0

Tigers            2            1            0

Minor Division:

Spartans            1            3            1

Blue Jays            1            3            1

Coconuts            5            0            0

Major League Division:

Hurricanes            4            0            0

Spartans (II)            3            1            0

Blue Angels            2            2            0

East Side Team            0            4            0

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