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Leone High School finishes first in pre-season wrestling tournament

The American Samoa High School Athletic Association (ASHSAA) wrestling season just completed its first pre-season wrestling tournament last Saturday at Leone High School that saw the host school (LHS) walk away with highest overall team points.

Each wrestler laid it all on the line last Saturday, as they came in prepared in a attempt to to have their hand raised in victory. With this being only the second season of wrestling within the Department of Education (DOE), it is still a growing sport and many parents of the high school wrestlers, are still learning what the sport is all about.

Samoa News spoke with some of the parents of the wrestlers at last Saturday’s tournament. “I had no idea what this sport was all about. Now that I came to this tournament, I learned a little more about it and I am glad that I came,” said a mother of one of the wrestlers.

“I like the respect that each wrestler has for one another. Last year, I didn’t know a thing about this sport. But I see what is going on here at this tournament and I like what I see. Every wrestler shows respect for one another and helps each other out, even if they are from another school. Win or lose, the sportsmanship is great. I like that,” said an uncle who came to watch his nephew wrestle last Saturday.

Samoa News also spoke with the president of the American Samoa Wrestling Association (ASWA) Ethan Lake who said, “We had a great turnout and the wrestlers came in prepared, and wrestled with great determination and heart,” said Lake. “Each team did a great job and the coaches prepared their wrestlers well. Even though this was the first pre-season match, everyone treated it like it was the real thing and that is a good sign. It was exciting and fun.”

“We can always use more wrestlers. If there is any high school student out there, that wants to learn how to wrestle and your school has a wrestling team, go to one of the practices and talk with the coaches. I am sure they would welcome you. Also, if there are any parents who would like to get their child involved in wrestling and they are not in high school, you can contact me at 770-1006, or email me at Your child does not have to be in high school if he or she wants to learn how to wrestle — they can start at any age,” he said.

According to Lake, the first regular season match will be on Saturday February, 4. at Samoana. Lake will also be taking the American Samoa National Senior Wrestling team to the Oceania Championships next week in Sydney, Australia.

The nine schools that are participating this year in ASHSAA wrestling are Tafuna (last year’s overall champions), Samoana, Leone, Voc-Tech, Faga’itua, Kanana Fou, South Pacific Academy, Fa’asao Marist and Manumalo Baptist Academy.

Listed below are the wrestlers who took 1st. place in each weight class:

92lbs.            Niles Tuamoheloa-Voc-Tech

110lbs.            Nolan Tuamoheloa-Voc-Tech

128lbs.            Rommel Fenis-Tafuna

139lbs.            Shychwandran Naidu-Leone

145lbs.            Valentini Taua-Tafuna

152lbs.            Sione Lui-South Pacific

163lbs.             Bruce Scanlan-Kanana Fou

167lbs.            Vincent Simanu-Faga’itua

187lbs.             Nathaniel Tuamoheloa-Voc-Tech

220lbs.             Abraham Siatu’u-Samoana

264lbs.             Daniel Etuale-Voc-Tech

UNL            Eric McMullin-Leone

Here are the overall team scores and what place they finished in:

1st.-Leone (66 points)

2nd.-Voc-Tech (56 points)

3rd.-Tafuna (52 points)

4th.-Faga’itua (48 points)

5th.-Samona (35 points)

6th.-Kanana Fou (24 points)

7th.-South Pacific (14 points)

8th.-Fa’asao Marist (0 points)

9th.-Manumalo Baptist (0 points)

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