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Leone Class Of ’94 holds Las Vegas reunion, cheers on Manu 7s

It's been 18 years and we finally got our first Class of 1994 of Leone High School Reunion in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Unfortunately most of our classmates residing in American Samoa couldn't participate in this special event, however everyone that couldn't make it to this special event  are all in our thoughts as we celebrate our 18th year Anniversary since we walked out of Leone Lions Campus. 

It seems as if it was only yesterday that we graduated from Leone High School.  I can recall that most of my classmates went off to College in the United States to further their education. So, this was the first time in a long time that we came together and relive those memories again. 

The first night we spent welcoming fellow classmates and hung out at the Stratosphere.  We had  good one-on-one conversations catching up to what everyone is doing now. 

On the second day we went to support the Manu Samoa playing at the Sevens.  It was such an exciting moment just to be there to support for our own Samoan people.  Though it goes together with our motto, Unity is our strength. It was the unity of our classmates to come together to celebrate this special event and to also to support the Manu Samoa games that I am proud to say that we got the Championship this year. 

Our Class Reunion ended with a special dinner at Tommy Bahamas saying our goodbyes to our classmates and we had a memeorable time. 

In 2014, will be our 20th year Anniversary and our coordinators Fua Mason, Luti Lauvao 
Gibbs, Alex Aarona, and Lavetiga Suiaunoa as well as myself are putting in ideas of what will be our contribution for the betterment of the schools.  For those who played sports in High School such as Lavetiga Suiaunoa and Alex Aaron as well as Sefo Senio were putting in their ideas of financing sports equipments, also a couple of classmates suggested donating books to the school, as well as painting and remodeling the school grounds.

(To input into planning for the 20th reunion, you can email Misa @: