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Leone almost fell at the hands of the Crusaders

Last Saturday morning, for breakfast, fans of the ASHSAA Football League saw Leone battle it out with the Marist Crusaders. It was Leone’s Homecoming week and the Lions were fired up and looking to bag this one without a sweat — but no one told the Crusaders it was suppose to be ‘duck soup’.

In the Junior Varsity Division, Leone’s “Frost” Folasa Vili gave the Lions a huge lead in their match against the Sharks, assuring the Lions a comfortable lead. Vili unfortunately was injured in the second quarter, and was out throughout the rest of the game, but his performance was such that Samoa News awarded him the Player of the Game.

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Leone 29 – Samoana 14

Junior Varsity Division

Folasa Vili outplayed the Sharks early in the first quarter of their match up, as he racked up 39 yards to make his first touchdown of the game. Their two point attempt was no good. Then, Samoana looking to come back and tie up the ball game later in the quarter, were disappointed when they turned the ball over, and Vili again brought the Lions back to Sharkies territory, and scored his second touchdown of the game, sending the Lions to a 14-point lead still in the first quarter, after a good two point conversion by Willie Asalele.

Early in the second quarter, 9:15 before half time, and Samoana had possession of the football on their own 12-yard line, after a good punting situation by the Lions. Samoana’s Ronhen Tui looking to sweep the ball to his back field, only to find no one there, but the ball rolling into the end zone. Leone’s Willie Asalele hustled to the back field to recover that football and immediately added six more points onto the scoreboard for the Lions.

In the last quarter of the game, 9:21 remaining in the ball game, and Leone’s Quinn Solo Chanel blasted through the middle, and was off to the races to spot Leone High School’s first down possession on the Sharks 15 yard line, just before he was brought down by Wayne Filiga. Then, Leone with their first down possession there, and the hand off was to Silimusa Solomona, who fumbled that ball, which was immediately picked up by (#81) of Leone, drove into the end zone and scored another Leone touchdown. Their field goal attempt by Ruben Futi was good enough to secure them on top 29 – 6.Then, just when Leone thought they had everything in control, Samoana’s Tui thought otherwise when he brought the Sharks all way back into Leone territory, and hooked up with Logan Tago again on the pass for a 34-yard touchdown reception, Tago’s second TD of the day to close off the match with Leone taking this one home 29 – 14.


The Freshmen running back/ linebacker/ quarterback/ from the village of Sogi records his sixth Player of the Game title after last Saturday’s performance that had Vili racking up 90 plus rushing yards, 2 Touchdowns, 7 solo tackles and 2 tackles for losses. And he was injured in the second quarter and taken out for the rest of the game!

Varsity Division

Leone 12 – Marist 0

Leone’s Senior Game almost ended up in the hands of the Crusaders, but Rudy Steffany didn’t let it go that way after he put in the first six points of the game early in the first quarter from a three and out on Marist after a bad kick off return that spotted them deep into their own red zone.

Throughout the first half of the game, Marist’s James Migo and Lando Grey brought the pressure to the Lions ground game, as Fagalilo Oa couldn’t find a pass connection with Julius Fitisemanu, as they were all over the back field swatting passes and rejecting any completed passes for Leone.

However, In the third quarter, just when Marist started to get things on the roll, Leone decided to spoil their rhythm with a surprise. Second down of the Lions on their own 45-yard line, and Oa finally airs out the perfect pass to the wide open Pelasio who caught that pass, and took it all the way to the house for Leone’s second touchdown of the game, closing off the match with a 12 – 0 win.

SAMOA NEWS PLAYER OF THE GAME: “Lion Heart” Rudy Steffany

Samoa News selected the Senior Running back from Sogi to his second Player of the Game title after racking up 82 rushing yards, 5 broken tackles, 15 carries and 1 touchdown in their Senior Game against the Marist Crusaders this past Saturday morning.