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Le Leo \Top 11 Showdown\ tonight

The ever popular local singing contest, Le Leo O Amerika Samoa, moves to a "Top 11 Showdown" tonight after two grueling battles that resulted in the elimination of nine singers based solely on public text voting results. The two singing battles have garnered over 7,000 text votes — evidence of the show's growing popularity, which is sponsored by the Department of Youth and Women's Affairs.


The eleven singers will face off in an all out showdown to see who moves on and who gets eliminated. The top five singers who collect the most text votes from the showdown will move on to the highly anticipated "Top 5 Sing Off" the following week and on May 22, the winner of Le Leo O Amerika Samoa 2013 will be announced.


The coaches/mentors have been diligently working with the singers on their teams. The following is the list of singers and the teams they are representing in the "Top 11 Showdown:"


TEAM KUKI            ILIGANOA VIENA (Text Code 108 - Leo 12)            DANIEL HELSHAM (Text Code 116 - Leo 2)


TEAM NAMAZZI            TONYA TUIGAMALA ( Text Code 107 - Leo 8)            LB AHSEE - (Text Code 111 - Leo 18)


TEAM ELIJAH            PAE TUIASOSOPO (Text Code 104 - Leo 5)            HELEN BROWN (Text Code 113 - Leo 14)            TAUTALA SETI (Text Code 114 - Leo 19)


TEAM JONITTA        LEATA TE'O (Text Code 101 - Leo 6)            ANASETASIA MOMOE (Text Code 102 - Leo 7)  KURT AAB - (Text Code 112 - Leo 17)            BERNADINE OTT ( Text Code 115 - Leo 4)


"Tonight's show is set to be an all out showdown, as the singers bring their best for the final push to determine the winner of this first season of Le Leo O Amerika Samoa," said DYWA Deputy Director Tapumanaia Galu Satele Jr. "Based on the text votes and public response to the show, the Department of Youth and Women's Affairs has received tons of requests for a show to be hosted in the Manu'a Islands, showcasing the talents of the youth there who couldn't fly over for this competition," he added.


DYWA Acting Director Pa'u Roy Taito Ausage expresses his gratitude and appreciation to the major sponsors — Bluesky Communications, Samoa News, All Star Signs and Graphics, KHJ (South Seas Broadcasting), KSBS FM 92.1, and Toa Bar and Grill — and the viewing public for their continued support for the Le Leo o Amerika Samoa program.


Tonight's show will air live on KVZK-TV Channel 2 at 6 p.m. and those who want to watch the action in person can do so as part of a live studio audience at the Governor H. Rex Lee Auditorium in Utulei (Fale Laumei) for a $3 general seating fee.


The top winner will receive bragging rights and the grand prize of $1,000 cash. Second place will take home $600 cash while third place will get $300 and fourth place will pocket $100.


As always, everyone is encouraged to text in to vote for the singer of their choice, as the results of the competition depend solely upon the amount of votes each singer receives.


More information about the competition can be obtained by contacting the Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs directly at 633-2835 or 633-2836. Ask for Tapumanaia Galu Satele Jr. or Joe Iosua (J-Smooth).