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LBJ & ASPA board members formally submitted to Fono

Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga has formally submitted to the legislature the names of members for the American Samoa Power Authority board and the LBJ hospital board, in a letter sent to the Fono.




According to the governor’s letter, he has named Perelini Perelini Sr., Peter Crispin, Isabel Hudson, Daniel King and Va’a Sokelati Fala to the ASPA Board. Lolo said each nominee will bring valuable experiences to the ASPA Board.


He said these recess appointees have already charted ASPA’s course in a new direction with some reductions in utility charges already evident and steps are underway to get ASPA out of fuel supply business and back to concentrating on lower cost local service delivery.  


Deputy Speaker I’aulualo Talia Fa’afetai told Samoa News that they are hoping to submit the ASPA Board members today if possible.


The move by ASPA to get out of fuel supply business and back to concentrating on lower local service delivery costs was mentioned during a House hearing in early February. At the time, ASPA CEO Utu Abe Malae who said their main task, by law, is to provide electricity and water services. Therefore, they are looking at moving away from being a fuel supplier.


He also told lawmakers, “The response is simple. We are looking at moving away from distributing fuel, because ASPA should maintain their focus on providing services of electricity and water.”


Lawmakers were told that revenues from supplying fuel has benefitted ASPA as the funds have allowed ASPA to pay bills and make purchases needed to enhance their services.  


Vice Speaker I’aulualo Talia wondered why ASPA would want to stop supplying fuel when they are benefitting from the revenues. Utu explained that if everyone paid their ASPA bills, including ASG — which owes ASPA more than $10 million — there wouldn’t be a need to seek other revenue sources, like fuel supplying. 




Nomination of the LBJ Hospital Board members, which only the Senate votes on, was also submitted to the legislature. Sandra King-Young, Dr Tofaeono Victor Williams, Faimealelei Anthony Allen, Leiataua Leuga Turner and Mase Akapo to board of directors of the hospital. According to the governor’s letter, the terms nominated are for five, four three, two and one year respectively.


“At this crucial time as we continue the impacts of the sequestration and the ever increasing costs of health care, I can think of no better team of professionals to lead us into the future,” said Governor Lolo.