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LBJ appoints head of maintenance to oversee EMS

Hospital CEO Mike Gerstenberger has appointed Sa Mavaega, head of the hospital Maintenance Division to oversee the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and it is not sitting well with several EMS employees.

A senior EMS employee is disappointed as to why EMS has been placed under the LBJ Hospital’s maintenance division. The paramedics are questioning why trained EMS personnel have to report to the head of maintenance — a person who has no knowledge of the duties that are performed by paramedics.

EMS Chief Officer Galumalemana Faipopo Avegalio confirmed with Samoa News that everything regarding EMS is to be reported to Sa Mavaega, but he declined to further comment on the issue.

The LBJ Maintenance Manager Sa Mavaega confirmed with Samoa News that he has been selected by hospital CEO Mike Gersterberger to oversee the EMS.

Mavaega told Samoa News that he concurs with the disappointment of the EMS team, because he does not have paramedic experience. However, he said he is willing to learn.

He added that his appointment will not interfere with the EMS duties in serving the public, but he’s there mainly to support the EMS and assist them with administration work and other services where EMS needs assistance.

“For example, we’re looking at re-opening the EMS branch on the east side for the eastern population who need immediate medical attention — at least having an EMS branch in Fagaitua” he said.

“This will be same situation for the western side as well”, said Mavaega.

Mavaega declined to further comment, but referred the questions to the LBJ CEO who appointed him to oversee the EMS.

Calls to the hospital CEO were not answered as of press time as to his reason for appointing Mavaega.