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LBJ 4th quarter report says 6% increase in revenue due to Pink Eye and Chik virus

The recent outbreak of Pink Eye and Chikungunya led to an increase of cash revenues for the Emergency Room, outpatient clinics and the main lobby for fiscal year 2014, according to LBJ hospital’s fourth quarter performance report, which states that outpatient visits for FY2013 totaled 115,986 while in FY 2014 visits increased to 118,184. 


The in__crease seen in FY2014 vs FY2013 was caused by more patients (about 6%) seeing the doctor due to pink eye and chikungunya, says the report.


In FY 2013 4th quarter funds collected from the cashier were $901,187 however with FY 2014, 4th quarter collections increased to $1,028,495, a $127,309 difference. This was collected from the ER, the Clinics and the main lobby, the report states.


The hospital also compared the increase of sales in the cafeteria at 6%, and says that with the installation of air conditioning, the cafeteria has produced more patrons now enjoying it, and also pointed to meal prices increasing, and the food is “good”. For the cafeteria the increase was more than $50,000, in comparison to FY 2013 sales.


Of interest, the 4th quarter report shows there was a drop in medical supply purchases,  which brought in $25,347 for FY 2013 4th quarter, while in FY 2014 4th quarter, the amount is$19,163.


According to the report, the purchases of medical supplies decreased between the quarters due to the hospital not ordering (due to their cash flow) as they now practice a “just in time” ordering process. “The procurement department does not keep inventory of medical supplies and will only order if requested by patients, with a small deposit upfront.”




According to the report, the hospital has recruited more licensed nurses, as this was among the citations by the Centers of Medicaid and Medicare services, for the hospital not having registered nurses in each shift. The hospital report says that there were new hires of nine nurses, five of which are registered nurses and four licensed practical nurses; with three from the Philippines awaiting the employment and immigration process.


The report further says that the Director for Nursing Administrator, Simamao Tuato’o, says that she has been working with the American Samoan Community College and has begun the initiative to assist the current RN/LPN candidates to sit the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) board which certifies RNs and LPNS. The hospital report also notes that five are to take the test before the year ends, and hopefully they will pass the exam, which will should assist the RN coverage as mandated by CMS.