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Laulii house fire leaves young family homeless

A fire on Tuesday destroyed this three-bedroom house in Laulii (Aumi side) belonging to a young couple who lived there with their three small children.


According to eyewitness accounts, the house caught fire while the mother was doing laundry outside in the backyard and her young children were sleeping in the house.


DPS Fire Bureau was contacted a little past 12 noon and relatives scrambled with water hoses and buckets to quench the fire and rescue the children before firemen arrived. According to sources, the blaze “spread rapidly” and consumed the entire structure in less than an hour.


The homeowner’s aunt lives only a few feet away and luckily, her house was not affected, thanks to quick action by concerned neighbors and family members. Had nothing been done to contain the fire, two homes could have been lost that day.


Witnesses say firemen arrived just in time to take over the firefighting efforts, as the water pressure was getting low. Investigations are ongoing into what caused the blaze.


Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.