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Laughing Samoans raise $12,000 for Fusi

A one-off ‘Laughing Samoans’ concert in Otara last Saturday raised $12,000 for the village of Fusi. The duo of Ete Etuati and Tofiga Fepulea’i, both from Fusi, performed to a 1,000-plus audience at the Otara Recreational Centre.The fundraiser was to help refurbish Fusi’s EFKS church damaged during the 2009 tsunami. The new church is to be re-commissioned this March. Lealali Leilua, Chairman for the Fusi fundraising committee said, “The amount of money raised was beyond what we expected. It’s to help purchase the pews before the March umusaga.”He said the Auckland committee is grateful to Ete and Tofiga for heeding their call. “We’re really thankful to our two sons in making themselves available for this. We know they are very busy, so we’re very happy they managed to come this time. They’re a blessing to our efforts.”Ete said helping out the village and community in this manner bring its own rewards.“Giving back to our supporters who make us who we are is gratifying and humbling,” he told the Samoa Observer.The pair also helped out in a similar way the Tae Kami cancer fundraiser in Fiji last year.Ete and Tofiga did not disappoint dishing out a gut busting laugh-a-minute performance. Also their final performance of the ‘Greatest Hits’ series.