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Langkilde elected 2nd VP of Baseball Confederation’s executive board

American Samoa Baseball Association president Victor Langkilde has been elected 2nd vice president to the Baseball Confederation of Oceania’s executive board and Langkilde plans to utilize his new post to get further assistance for the territory.


Elections were held over the weekend as part of the 2013 Baseball Confederation of Oceania (BCO) Congress hosted by Guam.


“There was a wide range of issues discussed at the Congress concerning its work within the region and internationally,” Langkilde said yesterday via e-mail from Guam, responding to Samoa News queries.


“BCO agreed that more working together with BCO country-members is needed to be established and continued,” said Langkilde who is also president of the American Samoa National Olympic Committee.


Elected as new president of BCO is Robert Steffy of Guam; first vice president is Laurent Cassier of New Caledonia; 2nd vice president Langkilde of American Samoa while Chet Gray of Australia was re-elected Secretary General.


Langkilde said he intends to take advantage of his new BCO post to further help American Samoa.


“My hope is to utilize the influence of this executive position to get more assistance out of the regional federation for American Samoa,” he said, adding that he also had the opportunity to meet with Guam National Olympic Committee officials to discuss their operations “as we continue to better our NOC organization as well.”


Langkilde plans to share more details of the type of  assistance BCO can provide for American Samoa and other important issues discussed at the Congress meeting, upon his return to Pago Pago in less than two weeks.


There are 13 countries and territories - including American Samoa - under the umbrella of BCO, which is a continental confederation of national governing baseball organizations responsible for the development and promotion of baseball in Oceania.


The BCO is recognized by the International Baseball Federation as the continental confederation for the development of baseball in Oceania.


According to its constitution, the BCO has a wide range of primary responsibilities, which includes - among other things -  to actively organize, encourage, and assist in the development of baseball in those countries/regions where baseball does not exist and to conduct regional and continental seminars, congresses, and educational clinics to assist in the development, promotion, and administration of baseball in Oceania.