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The local rugby team of “Lalomalava” might be the one to fear this year, as they are the only local team who have been running for more than five weeks in preparation to this year’s 2nd Annual TMO Marist Pago 7’s Tournament that will be held on the 12th and 13th of this month. Their goal is to correct their mistakes from last year, aiming for the $10,000.00 1st Place prize.


Lalomalava’s team manager Latu Mavaega told Samoa News that “our goal this year is to make it to the top, a goal that perished last year when we couldn’t finish what we started. This year, we have previewed our mistakes, and I can assure you, it’s not going to happen twice.”


He added, “I know all the teams are all aiming for number one, but where ever the players' strength maximizes, whether in the play-offs or in the final, then we’ll settle proudly where we will stand this year.”


Mavaega said of their preparations that “I know there are going to be a lot of teams from off island that will be involved, and there will be a lot of people watching. Our preparation for this tournament is practicing to win.”


He explained, “I have seen some major changes from this year’s squad, from last year’s team. Last year we lacked on practice and conditioning, but this year, that’s all we ever did… to make them run, run, and run some more.”


The team manager noted that Lalomalava is into their sixth week of practice, "and as of now we still haven’t made our final 12, yet to be confirmed. We are still seeing that some of these players are really fighting to win this year, and players who are fighting for a spot in our 12 man team for this year’s sevens.”


In conclusion, Lalomalava wanted to thank, “Avele’s club, Marist club, and Mapusaga Fou’s club who are always keeping in touch with us in terms of friendly games and scrimmages to have not only our team ready for the tournament, but their’s as well.”