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Just in time for Olympics, NBC feed for Ch: 5

A joint effort by two government entities in American Samoa has make it possible for residents in the territory to watch live broadcasts from American television network, NBC, which is also the U.S. network with the right to carry the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games.


Office of Public Information director Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde made the announcement in a press conference last Friday to officially launch live NBC television programs, including NBC Sports, NBC world and national news and news of Hawai’i, through the Honolulu affiliate KHNL.


NBC programs will be aired on state run KVZK-TV Ch: 5 and Fagafaga says the government owned American Samoa TeleCommunications Authority is providing bandwidth to transport the feed from KHNL in Honolulu.


Fagafaga says this joint effort with the Authority is part of the governor’s call for government entities to work collaboratively to finds ways to improve the quality of lives for people of the territory.


Fagafaga also says that this new joint venture comes just in time for local residents to watch the Winter Olympic Games from Sochi, Russia.


KVZK is already carrying live broadcasts from American television network, CBS.


More details in tomorrow’s edition.