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Just Asking... What is the correct cost of the 14-day entry permit into American Samoa?

This question was raised by a local resident, who told Samoa News that more than a week ago, “when her sister went into the Immigration Office to apply for an entry permit for family members (two adults and one child) she was told it would cost $40 dollars, and when she [the sister] went to pick up the permit the following day she was told the fee is $120 dollars for the three family members — $40 dollars each.”


Samoa News replies:


Responding to Samoa News questions, Assistant Attorney General Vincent Kruse, who also handles issues for the Immigration Office, says a 14-day permit is $10 per person and the 14-day entry permits are “only” for citizens of neighboring Samoa entering the Territory. He also pointed out that there is no different amount charged for children as opposed to adults.


The Ass’t AG said that as far has he knows the cost for the 14-day permit has been in place since 2003. Additionally, a “visiting alien can apply for one 30-day permit extension which costs $50.” As for the 30-day permit, that cost is $40 per person.