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JROTC leaders here to inspect and assess programs

A Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) formal inspection is underway at this time for all of the JROTC programs at the local high schools. Conducting the inspection is a visiting team from the University of Hawaii, Manoa Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program.

The team comprises Lieutenant Colonel Kevin McKay and Captain Jesus Cruz, along with Mr. Mark Pratt and Mr. Mark Thompson from the 8th Brigade out of Ft. Lewis Washington and Lt. Col.Mapu Jamias along with 1st Sgt. Ben Lausen from the local DAIA Office here in American Samoa.

“This is the JROTC formal inspection, not only here at Samoana High School, but island wide as well, in all of the schools with JROTC programs in American Samoa,” said Samoana High School JROTC Task Force XO, Cadet Lt. Col. Annie Amosa.

“The formal inspection is conducted every three years, however, we have an annual inspection where inspectors from the United States come to see if we are maintaining the JROTC standards as a JROTC unit”.

“As of this year, Samoana High School is up and ready to achieve that ‘honor unit with distinction’, which is the highest state of the JROTC mark that you should have as a JROTC unit. These are not only instructors here for inspection, but they are also leaders that have traveled all over the world to inspect JROTC programs, to see if they meet and are maintaining the standards as they should, to motivate young people to become better citizens,” said Cadet Lt. Col. Amosa.

The United States JROTC is a federal program sponsored by the United States Armed Forces in high schools across the United States.

The inspection began on Tuesday at Kanana Fou High School, continued at Samoana on Wednesday, and will continue throughout this week and part of next week, with Manu’a High School JROTC program also scheduled for inspection.