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Jamais to be an Int’l Tech Official at 2012 Olympics

President of the American Samoa Amateur Boxing Federation and chairman of the Amateur International Boxing Association (AIBA) Athletes and Youth Commission, Mapu Jamias will be attending the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, England July 27-August 12 2012 as an International Technical Official in boxing.

“I have been very honored to become a member of the AIBA International Boxing Federation Executive Committee. I am also one of the seven chairmans. I am Chairman of the Athletes and Youth Commission worldwide,” said Jamias. “Our membership consists of 138 countries worldwide and we are the ‘Olympic Arm’ when it comes to boxing. The American Samoa Amateur Boxing Federation, is a member of the National Olympic Committee and we are also a member of Oceania Boxing and a member of AIBA, which is the boxing arm worldwide of the Olympics.

“I passed the examination a while back, to be an International Technical Official in the field of play. My job as an International Technical Official, is I oversee the referees and judges. I am the one that makes sure that whoever the judges are, and make sure that whoever is fighting belongs to their country or group of countries.

“It is quite a big responsibility. I will be headed to Thailand for an executive committee meeting before the Olympics, then immediately after that, I will be heading to England for the Olympics. There are a whole a lot of other International Technical Officials worldwide from the big countries. To be selected as a Samoan, is quite a privilege and an honor.”

Jamais said, “I will do the best I can in representing American Samoa in these Olympic Games.”

In November of last year, Jamias was appointed chairman of the AIBA Athletes and Youth Commission following his election to a seat on the AIBA.


In speaking about boxing here in the territory he stated that with the proper settings and facilities, we can continue to move up and be at the same status of the other countries.

“Today we have some sons and daughters doing quite well all over the United States. The other countries send their athletes off island, because of the competition and facilities and hopefully someday we will have our own facilities here in American Samoa with the proper equipment, and then we can continue to move up.”

When asked why there is no boxer going to the Olympic Games to represent American Samoa, Jamias stated the main reason was because boxer Alapati Aasa, who was recommended by Jamias to the ASNOC to represent American Samoa, did not hold a U.S. passport.

Aasa has since turned pro, with his first professional fight at last month’s inaugural Pacific Rim Boxing Championships, hosted by Samoa as part of their 50th Independence Day celebration. Aasa won his bout. As an amateur, he fought under the auspices of the American Samoa National Amateur Boxing Council (ASNABC), of which his coach and mentor, Henry Tavake, is the president.