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Jail likely for brother and sister in Samoa

A brother and sister who have pleaded guilty to a sexual relationship are likely to be jailed.But they will have to wait until next month to find out.The man and the woman – whose names are supressed by the Supreme Court – were supposed to be sentenced on Monday.But Justice Vui Clarence Nelson postponed the sentencing because there were several questions regarding the pair’s family that needed answers.“I read documents of this reportand I’m not satisfied … as it does not assist in answering the question about the family situation,” he said.For instance, Justice Vui wanted to know what would happen if the defendants are released from prison.“I understand that they are brother and sister and how the offending came about but what I would like to understand is what will happen to them after if I need to give them probation and where that could be served,” said Justice Vui.Justice Vui said a jail termwas a likely sentence given the severity of the offense.