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International Game Fishing tournament underway in Apia

The 17th Samoa International Game Fishing Association (SIGFA) International Fishing Tournament 2013 taking place in Apia at this time has seen plenty of fishing action with boats from three island-nations, including two boats from American Samoa.


The Samoa tournament runs from April 27-May 4, and will be followed by the I’a Lapo’a Game Fishing Tournament in American Samoa, which begins on May 5.


The American Samoa boat Bonavista II captained by Andy Wearing was able to haul in a total of 67.3kg on six catches, which placed it 2nd place overall for the boat and country standings on the first day of the tournament, right behind the ‘Seemu’ from Samoa captained by Seiuli Hansell, who hauled in a total of 85.2kg on three catches.


The other American Samoa boat, Sau’ia captained by Rodney Reid did not record anything on the first day, but was able to bring in a total of 19.5kg on Day 2, with two catches, while the Bonavista II reeled in 76kg in seven catches on the second day.


For overall country points, Samoa led the way on Day 2 with 531.1 points, followed by New Zealand (447 points) with American Samoa in 3rd place at that time with 95.5 points.


Here are the overall boat standings for Day 2:


BOAT            CAPTAIN            CNTRY            POINTS            WT            CATCH


Girlfriend            Marc Noakes            NZ            242.3            192.3            5


Braveheart            Clyde Fraser            NZ            140.8            140.8   1


Seemu            Seiuli Hansell            SAM            115            115            6


Pure Indulgence Gregory            SAM            91.5            91.5               6


2nd Chance            Tuala Oli            SAM            89.6            39.6               5


Bonavista II            Andy Wearing            AMS            76            76            7


Nimo            Paul Caffarelli            SAM            63.2            63.2              4


Tsunami            Trevor Meredit            SAM            30.7            30.7             


Barcrusher            Mathew Fisher            SAM            25.7            25.7              3


Aumahi            Dale Withington            SAM            22.1            28.2              3


(The results were sent in to Samoa News by JD Hall)