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Interest in cremation grows after crematorium opens in Samoa

A family who had a relative’s remains cremated at the Sefo Pa’u Crematorium at Tafaigata yesterday has applauded the availability of such a facility.Salateisa Moberg had her husband, William Moberg, who died in 1992 cremated.The late Mr. Moberg was buried at Alafua but his two daughters living in the United States wanted his remains to be brought to them.“It’s such a helpful and cheap option and we are happy that it’s available in our country,” said Mrs.Moberg. “It saves the expensive funeral expenses and having to lay bricks for the burial place for many families.”The widow said she would be taking her husband’s ashes to America where he can be with his daughters.Mr. Moberg is the third person to be cremated at the crematorium, opened in May this year. The first case was similar to Mr. Moberg.But the first person to have died and had her remains cremated straight away had her service at Tafa’igata on Saturday.Pau Sefo Pau said interest in cremation is slowly increasing.